Recording And Conveyance Taxes

In Connecticut, Town Clerks collect recording fees based on the type of document and number of pages.

The following are standard recording fees, as of June 1st, 2016.

  • • $53 for the first page of each document recording regardless of type or length
  • Plus
  • • $5.00 for each additional page of each document
  • Plus
  • • $2.00, if the document is a deed conveying title

    • Typical Recording Fees would be:
    • • Warranty Deed: $55 1st Page + $5.00 for each additional page
    • • Open End Mortgage: $53 1st Page + $5.00 for each additional page
    • • MERS Mortgage: $159.00 for the 1st Page and $5 each additional page

      a. Transfer/Conference: State of Connecticut is paid 0.75% of the purchase price, up to $800,000.00 and 1.25% for any amounts over $800,000,000.
      b. Local Conveyance Tax: Town is paid 0.25% of the purchase price, or .05% for the following specified towns:

      East Hartford0.50%
      Groton 0.50%
      Hamden 0.50%
      Hartford 0.50%
      Meriden 0.50%
      New Britain 0.50%
      New Haven 0.50%
      New London0.50%
      Norwich 0.50%
      Stamford 0.35%
      Waterbury 0.50%
      Windham 0.50%

      • • Buyers are responsible for the cost of recording the Warranty Deed and their Mortgage
      • • Seller pays for the recording of any of their releases of mortgages, power of attorney, change of name certificate, certificate of no tax, probate documents, etc.
      • • In Connecticut, Seller is required to pay all transfer and conveyance tax, unless amended by contract.


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